Everything Bath + Beach Towel Denim-Grey_Linen

Cotton Beach Blanket & Towel – Gray-Linen


Called the “Everything Towel” for a reason: Picnic Blanket, Tablecloth, Sarong, Extra Big Bath Towel, Beach Blanket or Towel. Made of 100% Ethiopian Cotton, you have to feel this to believe it.

In new colorway Denim-Gray with Linen accents to strike a classic, understated tone.

39 x 71″

100% Ethiopian Cotton


Handmade in Ethiopia. Fair Trade.

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Product Description

Cotton Beach Blanket & Towel

Made from 100% Ethiopian cotton, which feels like a luxurious linen blend, the cotton beach blanket & towel is also called the “Everything Towel” because it can do just about anything. Make a classy statement at the beach by using this as a sarong or a beach towel. Also ideal as a picnic blanket, or a throw for your couch for a subtle dose of color.

We have sourced these gorgeous cotton beach blankets and towels from Woven Promises, a fair trade importer. Artisans in Ethiopia hand-weave and hand dye the cotton with a result that must be felt in your own hands for full appreciation.


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